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FInally, we reach the second week of February. I am really enjoying this because I want to bank hard on my current jobs. I just need to keep the pace same like before to reach my goal. Curently, I am hearing Feeling Electric Song by Parade of Lights. It was magnificient, it teach us to love each other. Not only that, I also hearing Coast with its music tonight. It also pretty good song so far to make this saturday-sunday feels complete so far.

I am also want to tell my Dinner meals. I was eating squid with black sauce, with an additional scrambled egg. It was pretty delicious and neat. Personally, I don't like squid but this black squid really have a good taste. Lime juice as a drink make it perfect (to disappear the sea taste and add sweetness to my mouth). I was eating with my wife and my parent in law.

Other activity that I done today besides working is playing game. Today I am playing fallout, just cause and fifa games (remember that song I mentioned ... Read more »

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