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I want to left something that will become available on next few days. It is almost Chinese new year. Many of people that make a party near my place with using pork party themes. There are many food stall that sells many kind of food to us.

Some people think that Chinese new year is a lucky day for everyone who think of it. It will occured on Feb 8, 2016 (two days from now). As we know, Chinese new year is available in every year. When the date is occured, sometimes many places will become rainy. As it brings the luckiness to all of the people.

Not only that, Chinese new year also have another tradition which named Angpao. It was the money inside the envelope, and some people make it and hang it on the tree. Another people will chose which angpao that they can get and they will get random money. So it best to try their luck in the luckiest moment.

In my point of view, Chinese new year is an usual day like other. Hope we will always do the best for eve ... Read more »

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